Cherry Krush by Stoner&Co


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About Cherry Krush by Stoner&Co

The Stoner&Co Garden team is proud to introduce a new in-house breeding project: Cherry Krush! Our Miss Cherie Atoms and Garlic Crusher join forces to bring you this tasty creation. Cherry cough drop flavor with subtle menthol undertones come through upon consumption. Expect large, silvery lavender nugs with a velvety quality and medium density. We are still gathering feedback on this strain, but so far we have found Cherry Krush to provide a generous dose of uplift that lends itself well to daytime use.

About Miss Cherie Atoms: An exciting breeding project from the Stoner&Co garden team, Miss Cherie Atoms is our cross of Mule Fuel x Cherry Punch. She has the most delicate cherry nose that disrupts the senses for those who are familiar with the nose of our award-winning Mule Fuel. We gifted this strain with a name fit for a fancy lady and, although she may appear to be gentle, this one packs the Cherry Punch. As always, we are proud to deliver this strain to you from our garden. Enjoy.

About Garlic Crusher: Garlic Crusher is 3rd Coast Genetics’ cross of GMO x Pure Michigan. Crystal trichomes imbue this potent indica-hybrid with a disco ball quality under the light. Although her funky, gassy aroma and flavor will please the nose and tongue instantly, patience will reward those who smoke Garlic Crusher when it comes to effect. After a few minutes, you’ll notice her creeping quietly into the mind and muscles. Reported effects are stoney and sedated, yet distracted and cheerful. Due to her high THC content, you may note some brain stimulation at the onset, but generally Garlic Crusher is most enjoyable when consumed with the intent to sleep peacefully. Grown with love by Stoner&Co.