Dr. Von Glue Shatter by Stoner&Co



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About Dr. Von Glue Shatter by Stoner&Co

Stoner&Co works with its concentrate partners to thoughtfully create a broad array of products that are carefully extracted to produce the best effects for mind and body that represent the unique taste and experience of our lovingly grown flowers.

Expertly extracted by Pamolab using cured flower.

About Dr. Von Glue: Dr. Von Glue is a Stoner&Co. original strain. We took two of our strains, Goji Dawg and Banana Glue, and matched the Goji’s trichome production, aroma, and bud structure with Banana Glue for its flavor and indica-leaning properties. The combination is out of this world: super sticky, chunky flowers that smell of gunpowder and ripe bananas. We are super excited to share this project with our patients. Grown by Stoner&Co.