Duchess of York Pre Roll

THC 27.8% CBD —


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About Duchess of York Pre Roll

Stoner&Co pre rolls are made from select, smaller nuggets that accurately reflect the smell, taste and experience of the strains we grow or procure for your smoking pleasure. Enjoy.

Introducing the Duchess of York, a brand new strain from the Stoner&Co. gardens. This potent cross of 3 Papaya x Mule Fuel takes the dank fruit of the papaya with the award-winning THC from the mule and mashes it together into what we fondly called “fruit poop,” while she was in flower. Expect laughter, conversation, and a dose of philosophy from this heavy-hitting hybrid strain.

3 Papaya comes from Oni Seed co and is a cross of Harry Palm’s Papaya cut of KC Brain’s Mango and Chem #3. This is definitely an uplifting strain similar in effects to some great hazes, but with the hint of spice and sweetness you’d expect from an OG.

Mule Fuel is an indica-dominant strain from Thug Pug Genetics and it is a cross between GMO and Mendo Montage (Lurch, F3). Looks amazing and the aroma is diesel/gas with hints of garlic. Smells like a donkey … kicks like one too. Winner of the 2020 High 95 Cannabis Cup, Highest THC Category.