Nuclear Nerds Pre Roll by Stoner&Co



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About Nuclear Nerds Pre Roll by Stoner&Co

Stoner&Co pre rolls are made from select, smaller nuggets that accurately reflect the smell, taste and experience of the strains we grow or procure for your smoking pleasure. Enjoy.

Grown with love in the Stoner&Co. garden, Nuclear Nerds is our most recent pheno hunt for the best possible cannabis flowers. Nuclear Nerds is a new strain from Bulletproof Genetics and it is a cross of CandyMasterStarDawg x Forbidden Runtz. She is a smooth smoke that is rich with terpenes mixing together to create a light butter and fruity nose and taste. Expect brain elixir effects for this hybrid cross with a potential uplift that will keep you happy and on the move. Nuclear Nerds opens up conversations and provides some with the gift for the gab.