Princess Magic Girl Shatter (Sugared) by Stoner&Co



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About Princess Magic Girl Shatter (Sugared) by Stoner&Co

Stoner&Co works with its concentrate partners to thoughtfully create a broad array of products that are carefully extracted to produce the best effects for mind and body that represent the unique taste and experience of our lovingly grown flowers.

Expertly extracted by Pamolab using cured flower.

We are happy to offer this shatter at a discounted price due to a more “sugary” texture.

About Princess Magic Girl: A recent release from our new breeding project from the Stoner&Co garden team, Princess Magic Girl is a cross of Frosted Gelato x Cherry Punch. This new strain is covered in crystal and is filled with gassed up cherries. Leaning toward the creamy Gelato in aroma with a slight sweet cherry funk from the Cherry Punch. She’ll delight your taste buds as this princess magically spells her way into your mind. Effects we find are leaning more towards the sleepier side of life. As always, we are excited to deliver this strain to you from our garden. Enjoy.