Reeseez Sugar by Stoner&Co

THC 86.1% CBD —


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About Reeseez Sugar by Stoner&Co

Stoner&Co works with its concentrate partners to thoughtfully create a broad array of products that are carefully extracted to produce the best effects for mind and body that represent the unique taste and experience of our lovingly grown flowers.

Expertly extracted by Hyperion using cured flower.

About Reeseez: Reeseez is a strain breed by 3rd Coast Genetics and grown with love by Stoner&Co. This indica-leaning hybrid is a cross of Chocolate Chunk x Peanut Butter Breath. As you know, we love our Peanut Butter Breath and its fantastic hit of high-20s THC. We wanted to know how that tested against the old tagline — “You got peanut butter in my chocolate!” — so when we heard about this cross with Chocolate Chunk we knew we had to grow it. Expect a gas on the nose, reminiscent of ThugPug strains, with a pleasant nuttiness and bit of a cat-pee-chem punch. Effects are more indica than you might first expect with terrific cerebral activity that leaves you open to vast amounts of creativity.