Duchess of York by Stoner&Co


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About Duchess of York by Stoner&Co

Duchess of York is a Stoner&Co original creation. This potent cross of 3 Papaya x Mule Fuel blends the dank fruit of 3 Papaya with the award-winning THC from Mule Fuel, resulting in a superb hybrid experience. Expect laughter, conversation, and a dose of philosophy from this heavy-hitter.

About 3 Papaya: 3 Papaya is cross of Harry Palm’s Papaya cut of KC Brain’s Mango and Chem #3. Similar in effects to some of the great hazes, you’ll also note a hint of spice and sweetness you’d expect from an OG. If you’re in need of a daytime mood-boost, let 3 Papaya carry you away on a dank tropical breeze. Genetics by Oni Seed Co, grown with love by Stoner&Co.

About Mule Fuel: Mule Fuel is an Indica-dominant powerhouse cross of GMO and Mendo Montage (Lurch, F3), bred by Thug Pug Genetics. Her aroma is diesel/gas with hints of garlic. Smells like a donkey…kicks like one too! Winner of the 2020 High 95 Cannabis Cup, Highest THC Category. Grown with love by Stoner&Co.