About Stoner & Co.

Dear Fellow Stoner,

Stoner & Co is rooted in family and community above all else — mindfully redefining what it means to be a Stoner. The Stoner Family promotes a culture of discipline and temperance for those who want to engage in the ritual of cannabis consumption. Our strains are bred and selected to enhance creativity with Brain Elixir, broaden insight with Oracle Herb, elevate mood with Mood Serum, deepen intimacy with Love Potion, and facilitate more tranquil sleep with Sleep Tonic.

We at Stoner & Co are passionate about breeding, cultivating and indulging in cannabis; hence the superior quality of our products and fierce loyalty of our patrons. We invite you to visit our establishment in Southern Maine to see for yourself but if you are unable, know that we are kindred in our mutual love for the plant. Therefore, whatever you smoke, when you smoke… you smoke with us.

Welcome to the family.


Morgan and Karleena Stoner, Proprietors

(Yes, that really is our last name.)